Post-operative care

Every surgery requires special post operative care. Whether it’s changing a bandage, organising transport, taking your medication or completing prescribed exercises, planning ahead and understanding the requirements will lift the pressure off both yourself and your family.

Below are a list of general expectations following your procedure.

Immediately after your discharge

  • Organise transportation home after your surgery
  • Ensure you can visit a Pharmacy to fill any prescriptions
  • Have a family member or friend available to assist you at home for at least 24 hours
  • Keep your post-operative care instructions, medical contact names and other medical history information visible.

Pain expectations

Inflammation and therefore pain is a natural process of healing following a surgery. Whilst medications can take the edge off this pain, we are mindful not to block the body’s natural healing process. Some medications may also cause side-effects. Only take those prescribed for you specifically.

Meet Dr. Philip Allen

Meet Dr. Philip Allen


Follow up

Please call  (07) 5536 1177 to make your follow-up appointment for 2-3 weeks from the date of your surgery,
Or use the online booking form.